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Please note that the following is a partial discography that includes primary commercial releases. Richie Pratt performed in numerous studio sessions as both, sideman and contractor, which inherently resulted in other recording credits beyond these listed. Additional titles will be added if discovered.


Jazz, Bossa, Salsa and the blues are presented by legendary musicians with the leader performing in the two ensemble formats of a Trio with Major Holley on acoustic bass and Tom Pierson on piano and then in a Septet with: David Dutemple on electric bass; Greg Kogan on piano; Billy Butler on guitar; Ross Konikoff on trumpet and flugelhorn; Robert Carten on saxophones and flute; and Tony Salvatori on bass trombone.

New York Jazz Quartet

"87th Street" by Richie Pratt

Featured Release

"OLATHE" by Richie Pratt

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